Handpicked Creatives Driven by Innovation

What we do

In the competitive real estate arena, the difference between an average sale and a record-breaking price so often boils down to the calibre of the marketing.

K Media handpicks the industry’s best creative talent to ensure that every element of your marketing – from the words to the photography and the design – is outstanding.

Beyond skillset and talent, K Media creatives are passionate about their craft and embrace the opportunity to collaborate to achieve exceptional results for each and every client.

Working closely with licensed sales agents and their teams, K Media creatives enjoy a unique synergy that bridges the gap between sales and marketing.

Offering an unrivalled experience for our clients, K Media has the team, tools and resources to provide a seamless end-to-end marketing solution.



We honour our commitment to work together as a team to achieve the best possible results for our clients and contribute to a positive team culture.


As individuals and as an agency we take a bespoke approach to each and every project, cultivating an agile mindset in the creation of original content.


We keep our finger firmly on the pulse of an ever-changing market to ensure the rate of change within the business exceeds the industry standard at all times.


We commit to ongoing professional development, continually building our skills and knowledge to provide strategic advice and cutting-edge content.


We consciously choose to take the high road in situations where ethics come into question, promoting respect through honest, responsible and truthful actions.


We approach the marketing process with a strategic mindset, maintaining a clear focus on the key sales outcomes our clients are striving to achieve.

Our Story

Founded in 2021, K Media was born out of the demand for a marketing agency that provides a specialised holistic service for prestige property stakeholders.

Bridging the gap between real estate sales and marketing, K Media set out to develop an agency of creative professionals who also understand the fundamentals of property.

The synergy between sales and marketing is integral to K Media’s ability to create content and develop strategies that connect with buyers, generate leads, and build powerful brands.

This unique combination sets K Media apart and allows us to provide unmatched service and results to real estate professionals, business and entrepreneurs, luxury homeowners, and project developers.


To deliver the most effective end-to-end marketing solution for prestige property stakeholders by building powerful brands and innovative strategies driven by purpose.


We strive to achieve unrivalled marketing results for our clients through creative collaboration, strategic innovation, and bespoke brands that connect with impact.

Meet the team

Sam Adams

Head of Agency

Callum Wastell

Digital Manager

Bree Humphreys

Agency Coordinator

Janelle Estreich

Lead Strategist

Kaere Ballman

Campaign Manager - New Projects

Mattia Pellegrini

Senior Brand Designer

Vanessa Durrington

Senior Creative Designer

Ryan D'Souza

Head of Client Acquisition and Retention